Chadar Treks

The Frozen River Trek on the Zanskar River Zanskar lies to the south west of Leh, surrounded by the Himalayan and Zanskar ranges, which is the most isolated of all the trans-Himalayan valleys. The valley has an area of about 5,000 sq kms and an elevation of 13,154 ft. The route from Kargil to Padum is the only motor able road to reach Zanskar Valley.

The area remains inaccessible for nearly 7 months in the year due to heavy snowfall. All the passes are closed in winter and the only alternate route out of Zanskar in winter is the frozen Zanskar River, which has become a popular destiny for winter tourist hikers. This is popular as Chaddar trek. For this expedition you are accompanied by local staffs from Zanskar, all the porters, and guide are from Zanskar itself, in every sense we want to give you a local feeling, and it helps the visitors to interact easily with local families, and monks. You will never forget the gathering and camp fire in evening, at some places you have to sleep in caves, which will give you a life time experience. After arriving in Delhi we will fly to Leh where the surrounding monasteries and villages will be an excuse to acclimatize. Our first steps on the Chaddar will lead us in imposing gorges watching over by the Himalayas. After one week of moving in this unreal world with our Zanskaris porter ’s caravan, we go up to Lingshed to experience calm, serenity, greatness of the landscapes, monasteries, nunneries and praying flags, which will offer us a brief respite. This travel doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. However, it demands to the traveler a total let-go and a total confidence in our ability to deal with any situations. But after all, a live travel rarely insipid experience. e have two options the longer one is up to Padum and back and the shorter one is upto Lingshed and back,

Chilling to Lingshed, Chadar Trek
(11 Nights/ 12 Days)


Leh – Nyerakspulu – Leh, Chadar Trek
(7 Nights / 8 Days)